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Anti Itch Treatments

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Anti-itch treatments

Anti-itch treatments are used for a variety of skin conditions to provide you with soothing relief of pain, itching and swelling in some cases. If you are searching for relief due to eczema, the product you use may have different ingredients than what is used to simply treat dry, itchy skin. Walgreens carries brands of anti-itch treatments including Aveeno and Gold Bond.

Anti-itch lotions

Mild anti-itch treatments come in the form of lotions for less severe conditions. If you simply have dry skin and a mild case of eczema, this is the type of itch-relief lotion you should invest in. These types of products are generally designed for those with sensitive skin that cannot handle the fragrance and steroids of similar products. In addition to itching, this skin lotion relieves normal skin irritations as well.

Ointments and gels

Anti-itch treatments that have some type of chemical in the ingredients usually come in a small package, such as skin ointments. Anti-itch gels are another type of anti-itch treatment. Just like the creams and ointments, you will find many hydrocortisone gels that relieve the itch. Look for products that provide you with a cooling sensation for immediate relief.

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