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Anti Monkey Butt

Stay dry and prevent chaffing with Anti Monkey Butt. Anti Monkey Butt products reduce friction in areas prone to skin irritation, such as inside your shoes, under sports pads and down your backside. Anti Monkey Butt sweat-absorbing body powder keeps you dry and protects your skin from itchiness, redness and irritation caused by continuous rubbing. Gentle and effective, diaper rash powder and diaper rash cream are also available for your little monkey.

Prevent itching and redness

Anti Monkey Butt is ideal protection for both indoor and outdoor activities, walking or running, exercising or driving long distances. The moisture-absorbing body powder is specially formulated with calamine to prevent itching and to provide a layer of soothing protection to any area prone to skin irritation. Apply the vitamin A & D cream before your planned activity to stop chaffing before it starts. Sports players, motorcycle riders, walkers, drivers and desk jockeys keep their feet, thighs, underarms and bottoms dry and free from friction with Anti Monkey Butt.