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Antibacterial Denture Cleansers

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Antibacterial denture cleansers

Antibacterial denture cleansers clean and disinfect your dentures, killing bacteria that cause odor. Available formulas of antibacterial denture cleansers include products that require as little as three minutes of soaking before you can wear your dentures again.

Antibacterial denture cleaning tablets

Antibacterial denture cleansers not only clean your dentures, but they contain ingredients that remove dirt and bacteria that you may not be able to remove by brushing alone. Three-minute denture cleansers with antibacterial action include trusted name brands as well as Walgreens' own brand, and you can use them daily to remove stains and kill bacteria that cause odor. These convenient denture cleanser tablets work quickly, so you can use them whenever you need to deep-clean your dentures. These antibacterial denture cleansers also leave a pleasant mint taste behind, so you will feel refreshed after you use them to care for your dentures. Overnight antibacterial denture cleansers are also available, and they get your dentures ready for the day by thoroughly cleaning, deodorizing and sanitizing them.

Antibacterial denture cleansers

Choose between Walgreens' own tested and reliable brand antibacterial denture cleansers and your favorite name brand denture cleaning tablets. Order a sufficient supply of three-minute denture cleaner so you will always have some available at home and enough to take with you wherever you need to quickly clean your dentures. While some of the three-minute formulas can be used overnight, antibacterial denture cleansers for overnight use are ideal for cleaning your dentures while you sleep.

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