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Antibacterial wipes

Keep your family, yourself and your home free of germs with antibacterial wipes. Not only can these convenient sanitizing wipes eliminate bacteria, they can wipe dirt and grease away from your hands, countertops and even your face. Choose from different types of pre-moistened antibacterial wipes here at Walgreens.com from brands such as Wet Ones and Germ-X.

Staying clean

No matter where you are, antibacterial wipes can effectively cleanse without soap and water. You can choose packaging that will fit in your car's cup holder or in a closet. Cleansing wipes travel packs have resealable closures to keep the cloths moist and ready to use. There are even single use wipes that are individually packaged and are handy after a messy meal.

Home cleaning and more

Disinfecting wipes can be a great way to prevent the spread of bacteria throughout your home. For a quick and simple way to disinfect the kitchen and bathroom, try these handy cleaning wipes. You can use them on doorknobs, light switches, appliances and much more to help surfaces stay sanitary.