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Ardell Lashes

Enhance the beautiful appearance of your eyes with Ardell lashes. Ardell fashion lashes are designed to complement the size and shape of your eyes, whether they are large, round, small or almond-shaped. Carefully crafted, many lashes are self-adhesive to make them easy to apply, decorated with glitter for emphasis or doubled up for a dramatic look. The range of Ardell false eyelashes includes fun rhinestone styles that are perfect for a night out on the town, accent varieties that consist of half-lashes and natural selections that provide extreme realism.

Filling out your lashes

Available in short, medium and long varieties, permanently curled Ardell Accents lashes are free from knots. These fake eyelashes, which last for about four to six weeks, are designed to give your eyelashes a full appearance. Simply add individual lashes to any area that needs filling out, and apply new ones only when your natural eyelashes shed. Waterproof and extremely lightweight, these lashes are built for your comfort.