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Arm And Hammer

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Arm and Hammer

When it comes to certain day-to-day tasks, you don't want to take a risk on an unfamiliar brand. For over 100 years, Arm and Hammer has provided products that people can trust. Beginning with baking soda, Arm and Hammer's product line has expanded significantly. They now offer every day solutions for body odor, pet odor, dental hygiene, various cleaning tasks, and more. Walgreens stocks a wide variety of Arm and Hammer products to fit the needs of your life. Traditionally, baking soda has been used as a leavening agent in baking and cooking. It became a popular tool in helping to eliminate odors, and many people still use it for this purpose today. Arm and Hammer products use the odor-controlling properties of baking soda to help in a variety of day-to-day tasks and care needs. Arm and Hammer products can help to keep your household smelling and feeling fresh.

Personal care and pet care

While Arm and Hammer's baking soda and detergent products are well known, they have a range of other products that can help to keep your home running smoothly. Arm and Hammer deodorant can help to keep you smelling and feeling fresh throughout the day. Using the odor-fighting properties of baking soda, these deodorants are formulated to fight off unwanted body odor. If you are looking to refresh your dental care regimen, consider adding Arm and Hammer toothpaste or whitening products to your routine. Baking soda toothpaste can help to keep your teeth white, clean, and healthy. Arm and Hammer offers toothpaste in a range of formulas enabling you to take advantage of baking soda's freshening properties, even if you have sensitive teeth. There are also toothpastes with whitening and enamel-strengthening ingredients, allowing you to tailor your toothpaste selection to suit your needs and preferences. In many households, people spend a lot of time and effort trying to eliminate pet odor. Arm and Hammer offers a product that helps to eliminate pet odor from carpets. This can help to keep your home looking and smelling its best, no matter what animals live with you.

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