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Arm Cast Covers

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Arm Cast Covers

When you have a broken bone, you may find that your cast makes many of your everyday activities much more inconvenient than you might have anticipated. Bathing and showering, in particular, can become incredibly tricky because you need to figure out how to get the rest of your body clean without getting the cast wet. Arm cast covers are crucial during your recovery as they can keep your healing limb dry while allowing you to go about your regular personal care rituals. We have a wide selection of arm cast covers here at Walgreens to help make the process easier.

Types of Arm Cast Covers

Though your doctor might suggest stopgap measures like slipping a garbage bag over your cast as temporary solutions, long-term healing processes require specialized products to effectively cover your cast for regular showering. Most of the arm cast covers you'll find are made of heavy-duty plastic so that they are durable and reusable. Some varieties need to be adhered with tape, but many include elastic or vinyl armholes that are waterproof on their own. Most of these arm cast covers are designed so that you can easily slip them on independently by using your non-injured arm. Some products are designed to come up to your elbow while others cover your entire arm up to the shoulder. Make sure you choose a product that suits your particular injury and cast type. You'll also find that certain products have a mitten at the end while others have a glove with individual fingers. Try to figure out how much mobility you'll need in your hands in order to shower effectively before you choose one type or the other. While most covers are one-size-fits all for an adult, pediatric products are built for smaller arms.

Keeping Your Cast Dry

It's important to talk to your doctor about the specific care instructions for your cast. Often, new breaks will be given a heavy, plaster cast that can't get wet at all without dissolving. Later, these are sometimes replaced with fiberglass casts that are somewhat water-resistant on the outside but still shouldn't get wet inside. You may also need an arm cast protector with a much stronger seal if you intend to go swimming or fully submerge yourself in the bath than if you are just taking quick showers.

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