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Arm slings

Keep your arm stable and supported for proper healing. Arm slings come in a variety of sizes, colors and designs to suit the needs of children and adults. Most cradle arm slings can be used on either the left or right arm, and you can adjust the strap to customize the fit. Choose your arm sling from Champion, FLA Orthopedics and Futuro to recuperate comfortably with or without a cast.

Positioning for proper healing

While many adult arm slings can also fit teenagers, there are youth and pediatric arm slings here at Walgreens.com. In addition to arm slings, you'll find other options to help you recover. Browse athletic tape and bandages to help stabilize your arm. There are also wrist supports for your comfort and safety.

Protection for your shoulder and arms

Our range of braces and supports also includes options for the elbow and shoulder. You'll find elbow braces and straps that can relieve pain caused by strain, arthritis and tendinitis. There's even clavicle straps, shoulder supports and shoulder immobilizers.