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Armani cologne

Find a scent that satisfies your senses among the Armani cologne here at Walgreens.com. There are men's fragrances and women's fragrances in a variety of scents to choose from. Some Armani cologne sprays are available in different sizes so you can have a cologne for home and one for travel. You can find several colognes from Armani that have a men's and women's version. Try an Armani cologne from the Emporio Armani or Giorgio Armani collections.

Choosing your signature scent

If you don't have a favorite scent already, you can look at the fragrance notes of the various Armani colognes to determine which one you may like. Some Armani colognes for men have descriptions for the type of mood it can enhance. You can choose Armani men's colognes in heavier or lighter tones depending on your preference or the occasion.

Scents for women

Armani colognes for women include a range of scents that include sweet, spicy and a blend of both. Once you decide on the women's cologne you prefer, you can decide on the size you'd like. You can also purchase multiple scents to wear for different occasions.