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Art supplies

For projects ranging from finger painting to abstract expressions, there are art supplies for your creative outlet. Here at Walgreens.com, you can find acrylic paints and art brushes for you and washable paints for the kids. There are also art supplies from brands such as Crayola, Elmer's and Penway that you and your family can use for crafting and other activities at home or at school.

Crafty creations

Choose your art supplies based on the media that you and your kids prefer to work in. If you've got a budding illustrator in the family, surprise him or her with the gift of colored pencils and art paper. You can go with student-grade colored pencils or get a set of art-grade colored pencils.

For younger children

If you have younger kids in the family, choosing washable colors may be your best option. There are washable markers in broad and fine tips, as well as washable crayons that can easily rinse off of walls with soap and water. For the little ones, you can get coloring books to help them learn how to color and stay inside the lines. If you craft or scrapbook, look for various colors and types of glitter glue that can add a little flair to any project.