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Artificial Nails

Get the allure of a professional manicure without the expensive salon price. Artificial nails are easy to apply to your fingertips and do not expose your skin to the potent chemicals used by many professional manicurists. Kiss Glue-On Nails are a smart choice for your fingers, as the chip-resistant design ensures you get long use out of the product. You may also want to invest in a power nail file, which helps ensure the artificial product adheres to your natural nails properly.

Spicing up your fingernails

Whether using glue-on nails or instead keeping your natural nail in place, there are plenty of nail treatment options available to add a touch of glamour to your fingers. Choose an OPI treatment to fill in gaps in your nails, or instead treat your fingers with a fungus treatment to halt the growth of bacteria. Nail polish is also a fantastic option for your nails, with an array of colors available from brands like Sally Hansen, Maybelline and Wet n Wild.