"Artificial Tears"

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Artificial Tears

Alleviate your dry and irritated eyes quickly with artificial tears. Walgreens brand preservative free artificial tears are available in various bottle sizes for your both traveling and keeping at home, and they provide the same fast-acting relief as major brand eye drops. These lubricating eye drops offer complete relief from dry, scratchy and burning eyes caused by exposure to wind and sun, prolonged computer use, reading, air conditioning and excessive heat.

Using artificial tears

Refresh Tears are easy to use; simply apply these artificial tears to the corner of your eye to relieve burning and irritation caused by the elements. If you need dry eye relief fast, choose artificial tears for a natural and cost-effective remedy. Available in a variety of sizes depending on your needs, Walgreens brand sterile lubricating eye drops are preservative free to prevent irritation caused by preservatives that are commonly found in other brands of eye drops.