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Athletes Foot Sprays

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Athlete's foot sprays

For relief from the itching, burning and other discomfort of athlete's foot, try athlete's foot sprays. These sprays for athlete's foot are easy to apply and some can help treat the fungus when used consistently. There are also athlete's foot powders which work to keep feet dry and prevent further spread of the ailment. Try athlete's foot sprays from brands such as Hongo Killer, Lotrimin and Tinactin for relief.

Personalized treatment

When you shop for athlete's foot sprays be aware of the differences between foot powder spray, antifungal powder spray or antifungal foot spray. Match your symptoms to the formula to find the athlete's foot remedy best suited for your treatment. Follow package instructions and try to wear well-ventilated shoes to speed recovery.

Taking care of your feet

If you have cracked skin or blisters, try pads that can cover sensitive areas to minimize further irritation. There are inserts, insoles and cushions as well as corns and bunion relief products to help minimize foot pain and keep you comfortable. Other foot care items include fungus treatments for your nails, odor control products and diabetic foot care solutions.

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