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Athletic tape wrap

Cover bandages and provide support with athletic tape wrap. Athletic tapes can help you secure gauze bandages or other wraps to keep your abrasion covered and protected. Sport wraps can be used to cover scrapes and many are self-adhering. Athletic tape wraps from Mueller and Nexcare are available here at Walgreens.com.

Keep it covered

Athletic tape wraps come in traditional white as well as different colors that can match your team uniform or workout clothes. If you have sensitive skin, a self-adhering athletic wrap may help you avoid the irritation that some bandage tape can cause. You can use sport tapes to secure wraps and bandages and on athletic equipment.

First aid supplies

Keep your home and car stocked with essential first aid items for the unexpected injury. Find bandages and bandaging supplies as well as wound care products to help treat cuts, scrapes and burns. There are topical analgesics and pain relievers to help reduce discomfort. Antiseptics help clean and sterilize the wound or injury. Hand sanitizer is essential to have on hand.