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Axe Body Wash For Men

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Axe Body Wash for Men

The cleansers that you use in the shower can have a major impact on how you feel throughout the day. AXE body wash products for men have been formulated by one of the world's leading personal care manufacturers, and using them in your shower each day can help clean away dirt and germs with an effective lather. AXE fragrances are designed to accentuate your sex appeal, and these products may help make you irresistible. Here at Walgreens, our selection of AXE body wash for men ensures that you can always find your favorite scent.

Advantages of AXE Body Wash

A number of potential advantages might lead you to choose body wash over traditional bar soap. Many people find that body wash lathers better than soap and doesn't leave behind unwanted residue, either on your skin or on bathroom surfaces. Body wash may also be more hygienic than soap--especially if you're sharing it with someone else in your household. AXE body wash for men, in particular, is formulated with several different scents that you can choose between in order to find the one that suits you best. Masculine fragrances are designed to be long lasting so that you keep smelling fresh all day long.

The History of AXE

The AXE personal care brand for men originally debuted in France in the 1980s. Successful introductions to other European and Latin American markets spurred the manufacturer to bring AXE to the United States in 2002. Made and distributed by Unilever, the brand is well known for its body sprays and other types of deodorant, but it expanded into shower gels and body washes in 2005. AXE is devoted to helping boost men's confidence so they feel great about the way they smell, look, and feel. To support its mission and help men "get the girl," AXE tests out all its new fragrances on women to ensure that they are as appealing as possible.

Your shower is one of the most important parts of your daily grooming routine, and AXE body wash can ensure that you start off the day on the right foot. Browse the selection of products for men here at Walgreens today.

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