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Axe Excite scent

Axe Excite scent is found in a wide range of body care products. This line of products has an invigorating smell, so you can you rest assured that you smell good no matter what you are doing or where you are going. Axe has a full product line of body sprays and body washes, all available at Walgreens.com.

Deodorant with the Axe Excite scent

Axe Dry antiperspirant and deodorant with Axe Excite scent is your first line of defense against underarm wetness and body odor. This product contains ingredients that not only destroy the odor-causing bacteria that reside in your armpits, but also help prevent your underarm sweat glands from releasing sweat. The Axe Excite scent covers up any body odor that does occur and leaves you smelling fresh and clean. The invisible solid deodorant goes on clean, so you don't get any white lines or yellow stains on your clothing.

Using scented body care products

In addition to antiperspirant featuring Axe Excite scent, other Axe products also include this scent, so you can coordinate your body care products to provide an overall scent profile. Axe shower gel in Axe Excite scent can be used in the shower or bath before you apply your deodorant. Axe Daily Clean shampoo in Axe Excite scent lets you give your hair the same smell as the rest of your body. If you need extra scent on your body, you can apply Axe body spray in Axe Excite scent on your underarms, chest, and neck after your shower or bath. You can also coordinate your Axe body care products with other Axe products with different yet complementary scents.