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Axe Phoenix scent

Axe Phoenix scent products are for men who enjoy being bold and daring. The Axe Phoenix scent line includes everything you need to keep clean and feel refreshed throughout the day.

Phoenix deodorants from Axe

Deodorants with the Axe Phoenix scent include body spray as well as antiperspirant and deodorant sticks. Axe Phoenix scent body spray is available in a convenient one-ounce container that is convenient to carry in a briefcase, sports bag or backpack, as well as in a four-ounce spray can that gives you plenty of Axe Phoenix scent to keep in your medicine cabinet or gym locker room. The antiperspirant sticks are also available in two convenient sizes. The compact 0.5-ounce stick is recommended for carrying with you to refresh when you are on the go, and the traditional 2.7-ounce stick is the one to keep at home for use every morning after you shower. Both sticks feature an invisible solid formula that goes on comfortably, and the Axe Phoenix scent is also available in a deodorant stick without antiperspirant ingredients.

Axe Phoenix scent shower gel

Axe features a shower gel for men who enjoy the bold feel and fragrance of Axe Phoenix scent while they lather up in the shower. This body wash combines revitalizing and moisturizing ingredients that are made specially for active men with the daring fragrance of Axe Phoenix scent for a great way to start off every morning. Order the shower gel and your choice of deodorants for shipment right to you so you will always be able to experience the spirit of Axe Phoenix scent.