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Axe Solid Antiperspirant

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Axe solid antiperspirant

Men sweat, which means that you need the protection that Axe solid antiperspirant provides. The solid form makes it easy to get the perfect amount on your body to get you through the day.

Solid deodorants

Axe solid antiperspirant is a type of invisible deodorant that does not leave behind any marks or residue. Even if you wear your favorite black tee, your underarm area will never show any signs of powdery white residue, because the antiperspirant dries clear. Axe offers a number of different scents that appeal to men because the fragrances are rich and musky. You can even find matching products that let you layer your scents, including body wash and body spray. Use the same scent in all three products to get a scent that stays with you all day long.

Clinical protection antiperspirant

Men sweat in different ways, which is why Axe offers a clinical protection deodorant. This deodorant is similar to a medically prescribed deodorant because it works for up to 24 hours. You get the maximum protection that you need without a pricy visit to the doctor. These deodorants are effective at reducing sweat caused by regular activity. The clinical protection deodorant offers the same protection as a gel deodorant. The only difference is that the solid deodorant does not feel as clammy or sticky as a gel residue. A solid deodorant can give you protection even during your busiest days.

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