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Vitamin B12 is a type of natural vitamin found in different foods that you eat every day, including eggs, milk, meat and some types of fish. If you have a lack of vitamins in your diet, you can use herbal supplements. There are many vitamin B12 brands available at Walgreens.com including Finest Natural and TwinLab.

Types of vitamin supplements

Vitamins and supplements come in several different forms, including tablets, liquid products and gummy vitamins. The gummy vitamins contain a mixture of different vitamins and minerals. You might find that the gummy vitamins use B12, vitamin C and other types of vitamins in a single item that resembles a gummy bear. Liquid supplements have a thin consistency, similar to milk or water. You can add the liquid to your favorite drink, or drink the liquid vitamin straight from the bottle. With capsule or tablet vitamins, you take the tablets as you would any other pill.

Choosing vitamins

Dietary supplements give you the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy, including B12. Herbal supplements often mix several types of vitamins together, which gives your body the vitamins it cannot get from your diet. The type of vitamins that you choose depends on your lifestyle. Those who have a hard time swallowing a pill might prefer a liquid B12 product. The gummy products are great for children and adults who do not like pills. The gummy vitamins have a slightly sweet flavor that tastes more like candy than something that is good for you.