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Baby Basketball Hoop

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Baby Basketball Hoop

Turn any living room rug or child's play crib into a fun-filled basketball court with a Baby Basketball Hoop. A child is never too young to exercise, and a little b-ball practice is a great way for a toddler to practice walking and balancing, learn hand-eye coordination and get in some good, old-fashioned parent-child fun. The drills are so easy, even a three-year-old can learn them: dribble, shoot, and laugh! The 5.3-inch balls are easily grasped by small hands and the hoop can be set low enough that every set-up shot is a score.

Mini Basketball

Why let kids have all the fun? There's never been a single child's toy that hasn't been played with by adults, and a mini basketball hoop is irresistible. No dorm room or bachelor's apartment is really complete without a mini hoop mounted on the wall. Many cubicle offices -- and real offices with doors -- have seen a mini basketball backboard set up over a trash can. When the official game ball isn't available, a wadded-up page from a quarterly report or a memo from Human Resources can be used instead. They can be mounted poolside, next to a hospital bed, in break areas and recreation rooms (mini basketball arcade games have been around since the 1930s) or any place where people may feel the urge to take a few shots at a hoop.

The History of Basketball

Basketball was made up on the spur of the moment over 100 years ago at a YMCA training camp. The first basketball games were played with a soccer ball and two peach baskets (deep, tapered bushel baskets). Even though the game was quickly accepted around the world -- it was played in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin -- with standardized equipment and rules, there's nothing to prevent anyone from enjoying variations of basketball in the spirit of its origins. Whether it's an office worker sinking a few balls while trying to draft a report or a child playing on the front lawn, a Baby Basketball Hoop is just fun, anywhere, any time.

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