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Baby bath soap

Keep your baby squeaky clean with a baby bath soap designed just for a little one's delicate skin. There are bar soaps for babies that include hydrating ingredients to minimize dry skin. There are also baby washes that lather quickly and rinse off easily. You can use some baby bath soaps from head to toe, on both hair and skin. Try a bath soap for babies from brands such as Johnson's, Taymor or Live Clean.

Soothing scents and nourishing ingredients

Some baby bath soap is scented with fun, familiar fun fragrances and others have scents with soothing qualities. There are also bath soaps that are fragrance-free for little ones with sensitive skin. Try a convenient all-in-one bath soap and shampoo to minimize your steps during bath time.

Baby bath time

We carry a number of items that are helpful at bath time. Find cotton balls, cotton swabs and powders and talcs here at Walgreens.com. There are soft washcloths and hooded towels for cozy comfort after the bath. Use baby lotion to moisturize and nail clippers to trim your little one's nails while they are soft.