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Baby Cologne

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Baby Cologne

There is nothing like leaning in to snuggle a baby and catching the scent of their soft, fresh skin. If your baby just isn't smelling as sweet and clean as you'd like or you want to get a bit of that sweet baby fresh smell for your own skin, baby cologne can help. Walgreens has an assortment of baby cologne products available with options for both little ones and grown-ups alike.

Scent Solutions for Baby's Skin

Babies can sometimes suffer from body odors, particularly in the diaper area. Even if you take great care to keep your little one clean, you may still want to go the extra mile to ensure that your baby smells fresh. Baby cologne products made for infants are a safe way to fight odors. These products differ from colognes made for adults, so that they are gentle to babies' skin and not likely to trigger reactions. In addition, they are often alcohol free in order to avoid drying out the skin tissue. You can find baby colognes in different fragrances to suit your preferences. Applying just a few drops after bathing can go a long way toward fighting unpleasant odors.

Baby Sweet Smells for Grown-Ups

For generations, parents have applied baby powder to their little ones' skin in order to absorb moisture and fight diaper rash. Baby powder has a very distinctive, pleasing fragrance that is easily recognizable amongst adults. Because the fragrance tends to evoke positive emotions, many adults enjoy the smell. This has led to the manufacturers of fragrance products creating adult perfumes that feature baby powder scents. If you love the scent of baby powder, you're sure to love adult fragrances with baby powder notes. These fragrances generally have a fresh, clean scent that makes them pleasing without overpowering the senses. The light nature of the perfume lends itself to everyday wear as a signature scent. When choosing a baby powder scent perfume, you'll want to take the other notes featured in the fragrance into consideration. In addition, you can compare products by the sizes of their bottles, looking for a scent that will provide you with the ideal supply of fragrance.

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