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Baby Gas Drops

Babies are natural gas producers. Unfortunately, when their tummies are full of gas and they can't easily pass it, they become uncomfortable, restless and fussy. Many parents have had the experience of dealing with a cranky baby suffering from excessive or trapped gas. Walgreens is proud to offer products that help the babies of the world (and their parents) get relief from this pesky symptom, so both baby and parents can get the rest they need.

How Do Gas Drops Work?

When baby is cranky due to trapped gas, moms and dads alike need a strategy to help their little one get relief. Fortunately, products for gas relief are available in a form that's safe for baby and convenient and straightforward to use. One option is products that contain simethicone. Simethicone is a common ingredient in gas products that helps reduce the surface tension of gas bubbles. When surface tension is reduced, big gas bubbles break up into many smaller ones. Smaller gas bubbles may be easier for a baby to pass. Once babies are better able to pass gas trapped in their intestinal tract, they feel more comfortable.

Is Simethicone Safe?

Simethicone is generally considered safe and typically has no side effects when used as directed. It's the same ingredient in many over-the-counter treatments adults use for gas but in a liquid form that's baby friendly. Simethicone is an ingredient many doctors recommend for infants, children and adults experiencing excessive gas.

A Natural Approach to Relieving Gas

Also available are homeopathic products for helping babies get relief from tummy discomfort due to gas. Homeopathic gas drops are usually formulated with several natural ingredients and are designed to naturally relieve the most common gas-related symptoms including tummy pressure, gas, fussiness and restlessness. The ingredients in these products are in the official Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States but there is not enough research to prove that they are effective. Natural products often contain no synthetic colorings and flavorings or other ingredients that are artificial. They are often a preferred choice by parents who want a completely natural product and want to avoid baby products that contain medications.

Whether you choose medicated or homeopathic gas relief drops, review the ingredient list prior to purchase to make sure it's appropriate for your infant. A growing number of non-homeopathic gas relief drops contain no artificial colorings and flavorings. Ask your pediatrician about which type of gas relief product is right for your child.

How to Use Gas Drops

When giving a baby gas drops, read the directions and give only the prescribed dosage. The dosage may vary based on a baby's age or weight. Always use the enclosed syringe and clean it immediately after using it. If your baby doesn't improve or has other symptoms, contact your doctor right away. Crankiness, restlessness and fussiness can sometimes be signs of other medical problems.

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Walgreens is pleased to offer you a growing selection of products that help keep your baby healthy. Explore the options and choose the ones that best meet your needs.