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Baby Oil

Made for use on hands, feet, faces, posteriors and just about every body part imaginable, baby oil and lotions are formulated to soothe and moisturize every skin type. Moisturize and protect your baby's skin with baby lotion in both gel and cream varieties and cocoa butter products designed to meet the specific needs of your little one's sensitive skin.

Choosing the right baby lotion

Baby lotions and oils are created using a number of different ingredients, including cocoa butter, aloe, shea butter, chamomile and other natural ingredients like calendula, lavender and lemon oil. Choose the right product for your child's skin type and skin care needs. The right baby lotion can provide the balanced care necessary to keep your child's skin healthy. Thick lotions provide deep moisturization, while oils are longer-lasting and offer superior moisture protection. Gels dry quickly and can be cooled to provide relief for minor skin irritations.