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Baby Oral Gel

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Baby oral gel

The appearance of a baby's first teeth is a special occasion. Unfortunately, teething pain can make your little one irritable and cranky. Babies will chew on their fingers or other objects to ease the discomfort of new teeth coming in. Fortunately, there are alternatives for easing teething pain. Natural oral pain relievers for teething contain natural ingredients such as clove, an herb that eases pain and discomfort and reduces swelling. It's a natural approach to calming teething pain. Other teething products contain soothing chamomile for calming irritability and belladonna to ease inflammation. Another alternative for teething babies are gels that contain benzocaine, a topical pain reliever that many doctors recommend for pain relief. Baby will enjoy the fact that these products come in flavors like cherry and grape. Best of all, your teething baby will feel less irritable and sleep more peacefully. That means mom and dad will get more sleep too! Keep some on hand when those first teeth start to appear. Baby will thank you.

Baby oral care

Once baby's first teeth appear, it's important to keep them healthy. Decayed or damaged baby teeth make it harder for a baby to chew or speak properly. Gaps due to lost teeth can also cause permanent teeth to come in crookedly. One of the best ways to protect baby and permanent teeth is with fluoride gel toothpaste, and there are ones made just for baby. Fluoride is a mineral that reduces the risk of tooth decay and is the most critical for building strong teeth between the ages of six months and six years. Fluoride makes teeth more resistant to acid from food, beverages and bacteria that break down tooth enamel. Plus, it helps to rebuild teeth damaged by decay. For a more natural approach to caring for baby's teeth, there are natural toothpaste gels formulated with natural botanicals like white tea, pomegranate and fruit extracts that reduce build-up of plaque and sweeten baby's breath. These ingredients are rich in natural antioxidants that are vital for oral health - great for moms who want the reassurance of knowing what goes into baby's mouth is natural. Take care of your baby's teeth with twice a day brushing and regular visits to the dentist.

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