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Baby play yards

A safe place to play or nap, baby play yards are convenient to use in your own home or while visiting friends or family. These play yards are designed to suit your growing baby's needs and can include accessories for playtime, nap time and changing. There are different colors, styles and sizes of baby play yards from brands such as Graco here at Walgreens.com.

Play, nap, change

You can use your children's play yard in your own home or take it with you to Grandma's. If you plan on traveling often with your baby play yard, choose one that folds easily for transport and storage. Some even feature wheels to make it easy to move the play yard from room to room. For nap time, certain play pens have bassinet hoods to keep bright light out. Others feature storage areas for diapers and wipes as well as removable changing tables.

Staying safe

Other options for play time include activity seats that allow your little one to interact with toys and people while safely seated. When your kids are at an age where they're crawling or beginning to walk, make sure your home is safe for them. Browse our selection of childproofing and safety products that include alarms and monitors, safety gates and other childproofing essentials.