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Baby Safety Gates

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Baby safety gates

Prevent your baby from roaming into dangerous territory by installing baby safety gates to block access to those areas from your child. These safety gates connect to a hall entrance or doorway in order to bar the opening, keeping your baby safely out of any hazardous locations. Safety gates come from several brands like Dream Baby.

Picking the best safety gate for your child

Picking a safety gate that can keep your child from a room can take a bit of time due to the number of choices available. Knowing the size of the entry space needing coverage can be a great help at the beginning of the process. With measurement in hand, you can pick a gate of the proper width from among the many baby safety gates available. You can even choose from a variety of security gate heights, finding one that's tall enough to thwart children who have begun to walk or climb.

Gate extensions for wider coverage

In cases where the gate is too narrow to cover the area you need it for, you can opt for the addition of a gate extension connected to the side of the baby gate. A baby gate extension can make up the required distance between the end of a gate installation and the opposite wall of the opening, completing the blockage as needed. There are a variety of extensions available to match the wide variety of available baby safety gates. The extensions even come in a variety of heights to ensure that your gate and extension set is level across the width of the opening.

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