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Baby wash soap

Bathe your baby with a baby wash soap to keep him or her squeaky clean. Baby bath soaps come in liquid form for a foamy lather and easy rinsing. Some baby wash soaps are combined shampoos and body washes so you can use just one product for head-to-toe cleansing. Try a soap for babies from brands such as Johnson's to keep your bath time routine simple.

Ready for bed

If you usually give your baby a bath right before bed time, try a baby wash soap with a soothing scent to help calm your baby. You can also find baby washes in fun fragrances or with ingredients for extra nourishment of the skin. The baby bath washes that come in a bottle with a pump are convenient when you have one hand on the baby and only have one hand to get the baby wash soap onto the wash cloth.

Bath time

In addition to soft baby wash cloths, we carry hooded baby towels for wrapping your little one up after a bath. You can also find other helpful bath items here at Walgreens.com, such as powders and talcs, cotton swabs and cotton balls. Baby lotions are formulated to moisturize and prevent dry skin.