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Baby Wipes Without Alcohol

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Baby Wipes Without Alcohol

As the parent of an infant or toddler, you change so many diapers every day, and you want to do your best to get your child's skin as fresh and clean as possible every time. Baby wipes can help you easily cleanse the diaper area and keep your baby smelling and feeling clean. If you're concerned about the health of your child's skin, Walgreens can help you cleanse the gentle way with a huge selection of baby wipes without alcohol.

Why Alcohol Free?

Alcohol is a common ingredient in skin care products. When used in wipes, alcohol helps the dampness created by the cloths dry quickly, which can offer convenience for parents; however, alcohol also has a drying effect on the skin. For children with diaper rash, chronic dry skin or very sensitive skin, the effects of alcohol may be too harsh, even though the ingredient is considered generally safe for most people. Switching to alcohol free wipes can help you get the cleansing benefits of wipes while protecting your little one's skin from irritation and dryness.

Gentle Care for the Diaper Area

Many alcohol free baby wipes have additional features to help protect delicate or irritated skin. You can find alcohol free baby wipes that are also fragrance free. These products do not contain any added perfumes, which can cause sensitivity reactions in some babies. Some alcohol free baby wipes are enriched with ingredients like aloe vera that calm inflammation and can soothe redness, itching, burning and swelling. Natural alcohol free wipes contain few or no synthetic ingredients and are preferred by parents who want to limit their babies' exposure to chemicals.

Completing Baby's Diapering Routine

There are many types of alcohol free baby wipes available to complete your baby's diapering routine. In addition to considering the ingredients that the products contain, you may also want to think about the packaging. Wipes come in large re-sealable canisters that are ideal for use around the house and in smaller packages that are great for keeping in the diaper bag. Some canisters can be easily refilled, so that you can cut down on waste and purchase refill wipes in large quantities.

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