Baby feeding bibs

Help take some of the stress out of doing laundry and feeding time by protecting your baby's clothes with baby feeding bibs. Bibs and placemats come in different sizes and colors, as well as various types of materials. Choose baby feeding bibs that can keep your baby clean and your chores easier from brands such as Bumkins, Wagi Baby and Nature Babycare.

Options for feeding time

In addition to soft cotton bibs, there are waterproof bibs that won't absorb spills. To clean, you can simply wipe them with a wet paper towel, sponge or rag. Baby bibs with pockets at the bottom are ideal for catching crumbs and pieces of food before they can make it to the floor. You can also find bibs made with organic materials for eco-conscious families.

Feeding accessories and more

To help keep everyone clean at mealtime, you can use a range of baby feeding products designed to help prevent messes. There are spill-proof cups as well as dishes that contain food effectively. Using a placemat can also help keep your table or highchair clean.