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Baby Wipes

Use baby wipes to clean and protect your infant. These convenient sheets make it easy to clean up messes both big and small. Choose scented baby wipes if you want to impart a light and refreshing fragrance when taking care of your child. Unscented baby wipes are also available and are ideal for babies with sensitive skin. From big name brands like Huggies and Pampers to hypoallergenic products like BabyGanics and Seventh Generation, there are plenty of options available to you and your little one.

Choosing wipes for your baby

Whether used for cleaning up after a messy diaper or mopping up spills and stains, baby wipes are a handy tool for any parent's hygiene arsenal. If you are concerned about your baby's comfort, invest in a baby wipes warmer; warm wipes are available for use within minutes. Purchase a baby wipes refill when you run out of wipes, as refills are less expensive and better for the environment.