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Back Posture Support

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Back posture support

The strong elastic materials of back posture supports can make it easy to maintain proper positioning. You can use these back supports while seated in order to keep your shoulders back. Back posture supports from brand OTC Professional Orthopaedic, OTC, Futuro and Champion can help prevent fatigue and strain in your back and neck.

Other back supports

Besides back posture supports that can keep your shoulders in a natural, comfortable position, we carry a variety of other back supports. Here at, you'll find lumbar support cushions and rolls, as well as back braces in a range of sizes and designs. There are back and abdominal supports for women and men that can help relieve pain, support your abdomen, or keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Relief and protection

For other aches or pains, browse our athletic braces and supports. Shoulder supports, knee stabilizers and ankle braces all come in different sizes and can relieve pain or protect an injury. If you have arthritis, braces for arthritis and knee warmers offer warmth and compression for the hands, wrists or knees.

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