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Back support belts

Find support and even some relief with back support belts for back pain. These back belts are worn around your waist to support your lower back. Back support belts are designed to be put on over your clothes so you can wear them as you need to or for the entire day. Support belts come in a range of sizes and most are also adjustable for a comfortable fit. Find a back support belt from Champion here at Walgreens.com.

Mobility assistance

Support belts for your back can prevent strain and injury if you are doing heavy lifting or other strenuous activities. There are also belts that can be used to assist loved ones who have mobility challenges. Transfer belts are worn comfortably around the midsection. These mobility belts have handles so you can assist your patient or family member with standing or sitting as well as getting in and out of a car.

Target treatment

Sometimes back pain can be alleviated with better support for your feet. Orthotic inserts and cushions worn in your shoes may help minimize or eliminate back discomfort. Check with your doctor to determine if foot pain relief products such as orthotics could also ease the pain you feel in your back. Other options for treating minor back pain include topical analgesics, back pain relievers and heat therapy products such as heating pads.