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Back Support Braces

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More information about Back Support Braces

Back pain is a common complaint for many people, and the exact cause may be difficult to determine. Back pain often occurs in the lower back and can cause stiffness, discomfort and difficulty when moving in certain ways. Back braces and stabilizers can be worn to alleviate back pain and improve stability, depending on the cause of your back pain. Many varieties of back braces are available for purchase in store and online at Walgreens.

How do back support braces help alleviate pain?

Most back braces apply mild pressure and shift weight off the spine and areas experiencing discomfort. If there are tired or weak muscles in the back, braces can help support and take some of the pressure off those muscles. Walgreens offers braces that provide a heating or cooling sensation, which can soothe sore muscles and painful areas of the back. For some people who have recently had surgery or are living with certain health conditions, back braces can help keep the spine in the right position using support and light pressure.

Are there different types of back support braces for specific conditions?

There are a few different kinds of back braces. They are often categorized as flexible, semi-rigid and rigid, providing varying levels of support. Rigid braces are generally best for more severe back pain since they provide maximum support, while flexible and semi-rigid braces are suitable for milder to moderate pain. Back support labels will usually note what level of support the brace provides.

There are also braces in different sizes, options that feature heat or cooling effects, and braces for pregnant or post-partum women. You can also find other types of products for back support, such as lumbar support cushions. These are all available at Walgreens, so visit a store near you or check out Walgreens online to see which options are available. If you’re not sure what kind of back brace is right for you, ask your healthcare provider.

Can I wear a back support brace all day?

Depending on your pain and the instructions provided by your healthcare provider, it is possible to wear a back brace all day. However, most people who are dealing with muscle weakness or mild injury should not wear a back brace for more than a few days in a row. For more serious injuries or conditions, it’s best to ask your healthcare provider about how often and how long to wear your back brace.

Do back support braces come in different sizes?

Back braces come in different sizes and with different levels of support. The label will provide information on the size and fit, as well as other unique features the brace may offer. There are unisex braces and braces designed especially for pregnant and post-partum women. With so many options to choose from, you can find a back brace that suits your personal needs in store and online at Walgreens.

Are back braces HSA/FSA-eligible?

Many back braces and back support products are HSA/FSA-eligible, meaning that reimbursement can be provided through a health savings account (HSA) or a flexible spending account (FSA). Before purchasing a back brace, check with your HSA administrator to see if the product is eligible.

Are there negatives to wearing a back brace?

Back braces are generally safe to use on a short-term basis without negative effects. However, most people should not wear back braces for more than a few days in a row. Wearing a back brace long term can weaken the muscles in the back due to underuse and cause a person to become dependent on the brace. This is why it’s important to use back braces under the supervision and with the advice of your healthcare provider. Consult with your provider if you have any additional questions about back braces.

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