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Back support cushions

Preserve the health of your back with a back support cushion. With a variety of styles and materials, it is easy to find one that is both comfortable and integrates seamlessly into your home or office decor. Walgreens.com has support cushions from brands like Carex, Mueller and Nova.

Types of support cushions

Lumbar support cushions have a triagnular or wedge shape, and are to be tucked behind you while you sit in a chair to take pressure off of your lumbar region. Some cushions cover both the back and seat of a hard chair. If you sit in a hard chair for many hours,seat and back cushions are a good choice. This type of cushion can be folded easily for travel.

Support cushion materials

Most back support cushions are made of memory foam. Memory foam cushions give you a high degree of support by adjusting to the specific pressure of your body. If you travel often by plane, you might want an inflatable support cushion, which is ideal for packing. Back support cushions are also available covered in cotton and other breathable fabrics.