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Banana Costume

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Banana Costume

With their bright yellow skin and easily recognizable shape, bananas have plenty of appeal. Banana costumes are comical choices for Halloween and costume parties, and they are also often used in theatrical productions. Whether you're planning to dress up for the stage or for an event, Walgreens has a selection of banana costumes that will have you looking great and feeling comfortable.

Many Styles of Banana Costumes

Banana costumes come in different styles to suit every need. Costumes for adults often feature a one-piece bodysuit or covering that covers the head, chest and lower body. These costumes may be worn over tops and bottoms of your choice to complete the costume and keep you warm. Manufacturers of costumes even make options for pets who want to get in on the costumed fun! Bear in mind that photographs may have additional accessories shown that are not included in the set. The costume product descriptions will tell you exactly how many pieces the outfit contains, so that you can make sure you have everything you need when it's time to dress up.

Completing Your Costume

You have a vision for how you want your banana costume to look, and Walgreens has everything that you need to bring that design to life. You can shop the entire inventory of products at Walgreens to get the extra pieces that you need to complete your costume in style. Leggings, tights and socks can be used to cover your feet and legs, and you may want to purchase special makeup for your face.

Considering Size When Choosing a Costume

Whenever you're purchasing a costume, you want to make sure that you buy the right size, so that you feel comfortable and look your best in your costume. Many costumes are one size fits all, but in some cases, they may be sized specifically to fit all men or all women. Other costumes, including ones for pets, may be sized to fit people or animals of specific sizes. Reading the descriptions of the costumes will help you determine whether or not a particular costume is the right choice for you.

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