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Bariatric wheelchairs

Getting around more comfortably and safely is possible for bariatric patients. Bariatric wheelchairs are made with heavy-duty materials to support up to 425 pounds. These wheelchairs can also feature an accommodating width, from 22 to 24 inches, to help you stay comfortable throughout the day. You can choose your bariatric wheelchair from brands such as Nova based on the support and features you need.

Accessories to choose from

Once you've chosen a bariatric wheelchair that suits your needs, you can browse the wheelchair accessories here at Walgreens.com. Some accessories, such as wheelchair cushions and seat belt closures are made specifically for use with a bariatric wheelchair. There are also wheelchair bags that secure to the back of your chair for carrying your personal items, as well as wheelchair trays and cup holders to help keep things like food and drink within reach.

Staying mobile and safe

You'll also find an array of mobility solutions among our selection, from rollators and transport chairs to bariatric crutches and canes. Some transport chairs are available with the same seat widths as bariatric wheelchairs. Try a bariatric wheelchair cushion for extra comfort. There are also walkers with seats and rolling walkers. Stay safe in the bathroom with heavy duty transfer chairs, home commodes, and bath & shower chairs.