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Bath and Shower Chairs

While good bathing habits are important for maintaining personal hygiene throughout your life, you may be understandably wary about standing in the shower or sitting on the floor of your bathtub. One of the best ways to prevent slip-and-fall accidents in the bathroom is by modifying your routine with the use of an assistive device. At Walgreens, we have an assortment of bath and shower chairs that may make it easier for you to get clean safely.

Improve Your Bathroom Safety

Regardless of your age, studies have shown that the bathroom is the most dangerous area of the average house when it comes to accidents. As people get older or struggle with mobility issues, the chances of falling in the bathroom increase exponentially. Often, figuring out a way to sit down during the bathing process can be the best way to improve the overall safety of your bathroom. Making modifications like using bath and shower chairs may make a big difference.

Options without Back or Armrests

You'll find a wide variety of different chair and bench options for the bath and shower. Various options range in complexity. Simple stools without a back or armrests may be effective for individuals who have no trouble sitting upright on their own and only need the chair so they don't have to stand. These chairs are particularly convenient because they don't block the flow of water and may allow you to get a little cleaner.

Seatback Options

Chairs with a seatback help support your upper body, and they are available with and without padding. Armrests give you another form of support, especially as you ease yourself into the chair and then stand up after your shower. Seats and benches are made to be slip-resistant with the seat usually constructed of plastic.

Chairs with Wheels

For individuals with severe mobility issues, you can find chairs with wheels that allow you to roll yourself into the shower. However, it's important that your shower stall is on level ground with the rest of the bathroom.

Low-Sitting Chairs

While most chairs work better for taking a shower rather than soaking in the bath, some bathing systems feature chairs that sit very low to the ground and provide reclined back support. This makes them an excellent choice for using in the tub.