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Bath powders

Pamper yourself with luxurious bath powders to moisturize, smooth and cool your skin. With our extensive selection of simple to bath powders, you are sure to find the one best suited for you. Walgreens.com sells some of the most well-known brands like Johnson's, Gold Bond and Summer's Eve.

Deodorizing and drying powders

Use bath powders for deodorizing and drying the skin to help prevent body odor. Deodorizing powder will also help prevent rashes from heat or excessive moisture, giving you lasting protection throughout the day. The powder works by absorbing the moisture that causes stickiness and provides an attractive environment for odor-causing bacteria. Some deodorizing powders are lightly scented. These powders are made from a variety of materials, including talc powder and cornstarch. You should use drying powders when caring for an infant; powder should be applied during diaper changing to prevent diaper rash. Powder also helps prevent rashes from friction, where clothing might chafe the skin on a hot, sticky summer day.

Luxury powder products

Bath powders are for much more than rash and odor protection. You can find powders made with additives such as cocoa butter, lotion, perfume, and other ingredients to promote the health of your skin. If you want a perfumed bath powder, consider a bath powder from the maker of your favorite scent. This enables you to combine two products, and save time and money. If you are prone to dry skin, especially in the winter, look for a body powder that has a built-in moisturizer. Moisturizing bath powder can be used alone or with a cream moisturizer.