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Batman Costumes

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Batman costumes

For men, women, kids, and even pets, Batman costumes from the movies or comic books are a great choice for Halloween. Be the Dark Knight himself or don a Joker mask. Keep party guests guessing who's underneath the disguise, or choose a Batman costume that displays your personal style. Masks, gloves, wigs and full costumes are here at

For the whole family

Batman costume characters include Batgirl, Batman, the Joker, and other supporting characters. Your cat or dog can turn heads in a Dark Knight costume as the hero or villain. Even your littlest family members can get in on the fun with infant and baby Batman costumes.

More costumes and accessories

We carry a variety of other adult Halloween costumes and children's Halloween costumes for the whole family. There are spooky witches and monsters, fairy tale and story book options and TV & movie costumes. You can add to the seasonal fun with Halloween decor or your choice of hair and makeup that helps to complete your ensemble.

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