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Battery Chargers

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Battery Chargers

The world, it seems, is run by batteries - and the only way to keep everything going is by having the right battery chargers. Every day, we depend upon devices that use AA and AAA batteries, from television remote controllers to mini flashlights, garage door openers and computer mice. To avoid the cost of constantly buying expensive disposable batteries and reduce the amount of generated waste, try using battery chargers for long-life rechargeable batteries. There are also the high-tech devices with built-in power sources such as portable phones, MP3s, digital cameras, e-readers and more. They require USB adapters to keep them charged. At Walgreens, we carry a variety of battery chargers to help keep all of your devices powered up.

Power When You Need It

Battery-powered devices are meant to make tasks easier and more convenient, to entertain and even keep us safe. Re-charging them can be just as convenient, with a selection of battery chargers to fit every battery type and power needs. For AA and AAA battery chargers, many include an LED indicator to show that the recharger is working, while some also have timers, battery fuel gauges and even bad battery alerts. For speed charging, some rechargers can power up a battery in half an hour or less. While some chargers are designed for specific types - NiMH, NiCad, Li-ion and NiZn - there are also battery stations that can charge all of them.

Keep Power Cables Under Control

Devices that use USB cables to recharge built-in batteries can present their own challenges. It can be frustrating to plug in multiple devices: they cause clutter and sometimes you have more devices than there are outlets. The solution can be an adapter or power station to charge multiple devices from a single outlet. Need to recharge a device when a wall outlet isn't in sight? Try an adapter to plug into a car console or use a portable power supply with USB outlets. With so many different battery chargers from which to choose, you can control the power with ease.

Battery Safety

Never recharge a battery unless it is specifically labeled "re-chargeable." Using a primary (un-rechargeable) battery in a recharger may result in a leak or rupture.

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