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Beanie Babies

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Beanie Babies

Whether you are an avid collector or just want a cute and cuddly stuffed animal to liven up your or your child's room, has a wide collection of Beanie Babies by Ty to suit every personality. These cute plush animals are stuffed with tiny plastic beads, giving each toy a unique feel to go with its adorable appearance. Both boys and girls alike can enjoy Beanie Babies, unlike dolls or action figures which can often be gender-specific.

Plush animals

Kids and adults alike love plush animals, making Beanie Babies an ideal gift for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. Ty creates many new Beanie Babies each year, and you may find everything from stuffed frogs to toy bears in the collection. Each stuffed animal features a washable surface, an identification tag that indicates its authenticity, and a birth date and story to make the toy more interesting. The soft outer surface and squishy interior make these plush animals ideal for sleeping with and hugging.

Collectible toy animals

Beanie Babies have been a favorite collectible toy since the mid 1990s. Early limited edition Beanie Babies now sell for many times their original cost. Modern Beanie Babies are generally not investment pieces, however, since they are typically produced in large quantities. Instead, Beanie Babies are now considered adorable stuffed animals that kids and grownups can cuddle, play with, and enjoy for years to come. Some avid collectors still like to purchase every one of the different Beanie Babies that Ty produces, and provides a convenient way to keep your stuffed animal collection up-to-date.

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