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Ben 10 Costume

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Ben 10 Costume

Putting on a costume lets your child take on a whole new persona and unleashes his or her imagination. When that costume is that of a favorite character from a television show or movie, your child can get into the action and become their favorite heroes. If your child loves the space-aged adventures of Ben 10, Walgreens is sure to have the perfect costume.

Dressing Your Child as Favorite Hero

Ben 10 is a popular cartoon show that follows the adventures of Ben Tennyson, a boy who becomes a superhero after discovering a secret alien device. The show debuted in 2007 and is well loved by many children, especially boys. Costumes that allow kids to become Ben 10 are very popular for Halloween and fun choices for trick-or-treating and costume parties. Ben 10 costumes can also be used for dress-up fun at home and can encourage your child to engage in active, imaginative play.

Making Ben 10 a Perfect 10

Over the course of the Ben 10 series and the movies that have spun off from it, Ben 10 has worn a wide variety of outfits. Officially licensed costumes from the show recreate the details of specific outfits that your child will recognize from the show. Each costume will include a set number of pieces. Most will have a one-piece bodysuit or a two-piece outfit. Gloves, masks and accessories may also be included. The product descriptions provided for the Ben 10 costumes list the exact pieces found in each costume. Keep in mind that sometimes photos of the costumes will feature extra pieces that are not included in the costume sets. If you need accessories, makeup or other items to finish off your child's costume, you can get those special extras at Walgreens to make the Ben 10 costume a perfect 10.

Picking the Right Size for Your Child

To make sure that your child is comfortable while trick-or-treating, enjoying a costume party or playing at home, you'll need to select the right size costume. Sizing charts are provided on the product description pages for your convenience. Not sure of your child's size? You can use a flexible tape measure and the sizing chart to find the perfect option for him or her.

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