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Biotin Supplements

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Biotin Supplements

Biotin is a type of B vitamin that's important for health. Biotin is naturally present in small amounts in a wide variety of foods. Most people get enough biotin in their diet and therefore it is rare to be deficient in biotin. However, some people may be at risk for low levels of biotin. People who take anti-seizure medication or antibiotics long-term, and those with disorders in the intestine that make it hard to absorb nutrients, may be more likely to be deficient in biotin. Walgreens offers a line of biotin supplements that offer this essential vitamin in an easy-to-swallow form. Biotin supplements can supply the body with an additional source of biotin. If you have questions about whether a biotin supplement is right for you, talk to your medical doctor or health care provider. At Walgreens, we have an array of biotin supplements available in various forms.

Why Take Biotin?

Biotin is involved in energy metabolism, the process that body cells use to make or get energy from the food we eat. Biotin supplements are often used to support healthy hair, skin and nails and in combination with other supplements for blood sugar support. More research is needed to determine if biotin supplements are helpful for these purposes.

What Kind of Biotin Should I Take?

Biotin in supplemental form comes in a variety of strengths including an extra-strength form you take once a day. Choose from capsules, tablets and easy-to-take soft gels. If you don't like swallowing a tablet or capsule, other forms of biotin are available including fast-dissolve tablets you place under your tongue and small tablets in pleasant flavors that you chew and swallow. Biotin supplements in a fun gummy bear form with tasty fruit flavors are another option. If you follow a vegetarian diet, biotin supplements made with no animal products are available.

Specialized Biotin Formulas

Do you have food allergies or want a product that's natural? Specialized Biotin supplements that meet specific criteria are available. Choose from options that are free of synthetic colorings, flavorings and preservatives or formulas that contain no salt, sugar, dairy, nuts, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, corn, yeast, wheat or gluten. Read the label carefully to ensure the supplement you choose meets your criteria. You can also choose biotin supplements that contain no genetically-modified ingredients. Regardless of your dietary requirements, you'll find biotin supplements to meet your needs. Getting your daily biotin requirements has never been easier.

Biotin Combinations

In some cases, biotin is combined with other minerals or supplements. Biotin supplements may be combined with keratin, the protein that gives hair and nails its structure. Special hair, skin and nail supplements often combine biotin with other vitamins including antioxidant vitamins and antioxidant components like alpha-lipoic acid for cellular support. Some supplements contain biotin in combination with other B vitamins involved in cellular energy metabolism. Biotin in combination with ingredients like cinnamon and chromium are formulated to help support healthy glucose metabolism and blood sugar support although more research is needed to confirm that these supplements are effective for this purpose. Your doctor can give you guidance as to whether a biotin combination supplement is right for you based on your health history.

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