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Black Tights

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Black Tights

When temperatures drop, you don't have to pack away all of your skirts and dresses until the spring. Black tights can help you transition your wardrobe from summer to fall and into winter. At Walgreens, we have an array of tights available in many sizes and styles. By stocking up on black tights, which are versatile enough to wear with a variety of looks, you can broaden your wardrobe for work, date night, or a casual day out with friends.

Styles of Tights

Black tights come in several styles, allowing them to be appropriate for daytime and evening wear. Footless tights extend your footwear options -- you can pair them with socks and boots, wear a cute pair of ballet flats with them, or slip into your favorite pair of high heels. Footless tights offer additional benefits as well. There are even tights that are designed to relieve tired, achy legs and promote circulation.

Some footed tights feature a padded foot that provides plush comfort for your toes when you walk. The padded soles of these tights massage your feet to relieve tension and fatigue, leaving you with more comfortable feet. You can also find black tights that are slimming and smoothing to flatter your curves. These tights have a built-in control top panty, which sits at your natural waist and creates a truly flattering silhouette.

Additional Features

Black tights use several materials to maximize their stretch and comfort. Lycra and nylon blends and microfiber are just some of the materials that these tights feature. Some pairs of black tights feature a soft, knit-in waistband that does not roll down, which can be both visible through your clothes and uncomfortable. Additionally, you can find black tights that provide added warmth when temperatures plummet.

How to Choose Black Tights

Not all black tights look the same. When shopping for black tights, consider the look you want. Opaque black tights create a sheer look, showing a bit of your legs through the tights while keeping them covered. A fashionable fishnet pattern is a subtle but sexy look that will complement your little black dress. You can even find black tights in floral, diamond, or ribbed patterns. Pick up a few pairs of black tights and accessories so that you have some choices the next time you're wearing your favorite skirt or dress.

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