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Blank Media

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Blank media

Use blank media to record video, music and other forms of data in a variety of formats. You can use a DVD, CD or tape to record your media, each of which have varying specification requirements. offers blank media from brands like Maxell and Sony.

Blank discs

Record music and video for listening and viewing anytime you wish with blank discs. When choosing the specific type of disc to use as your blank media, take into consideration whether you plan to reuse the disc or not. Choose CD-R discs or CD-RW discs when you wish to record music. The RW option provides you with the ability to write over the data you record. When you need to record video on a disc, the same options are available on DVD discs.

Blank cassettes

Blank cassettes can be used for recording video tapes with a camcorder, or for recording your favorite shows on a VCR. DVC media and VHS-C media are for camcorders. The VHS-C option provides you with the ability to play the tape in a regular VCR as long as you have the VHS adapter that is required to do so. VHS tapes can typically record up to six hours of video, and are the oldest form of blank media in cassette form. You can also record over the video if you no longer need it when using VHS tapes.

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