Blonde Highlights

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Blonde highlights

Find out if blondes really do have more fun by adding some playful, eye-catching blonde highlights to your hair. Highlights allow you to try out a new hair color without changing your entire color and look, offering a more subtle option than traditional dyes. No matter what type of hair you naturally have, blonde highlights can brighten your appearance and give you the head-turning hair you deserve.

Highlight-enhancing shampoos and conditioners

If you want to bring out the natural blonde highlights in your hair or boost the shine and richness of your latest color treatment, there are hair color enhancers, along with shampoos and conditioners that bring out the full range of blonde without depositing any extra color. For an easy, natural way to bring out the blonde highlights that are dulled or hidden by other shampoos, look for a nourishing blonde shampoo or blonde conditioner.

Temporary highlight sprays

If you want to add blonde highlights for just a day or two, a temporary blonde highlight spray lets you test out a different look. Whether to add some glamour to your party outfit or for a vacation weekend, temporary hair color spray is easy to mist onto your hair and then wash out when you are ready to return to your usual color.