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Blood Pressure Monitor Replacement Cuff

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Blood Pressure Monitor Replacement Cuff

If you suffer from high blood pressure, getting on a plan to lower your numbers is important to reducing your risk for serious medical problems. Monitoring your blood pressure at home can play an important role in your treatment plan, but to get accurate results from monitoring, you need to have the right equipment. At Walgreens, we can help you keep your digital or manual blood pressure machine working well with a selection of blood pressure monitor replacement cuffs.

hould I Monitor My Blood Pressure?

Medical experts and health care providers typically recommend that individuals with high blood pressure keep track of their daily blood pressure readings. Monitoring at home helps to establish patterns that can tell doctors whether or not prescription medications and lifestyle changes are working to address hypertension symptoms. This information can be vital to the success of a treatment plan, making it important that you follow your doctor's guidelines regarding at-home blood pressure monitoring. Studies have even found that patients who monitor regularly have overall better outcomes from treatment.

Why Replace a Blood Pressure Cuff?

A home blood pressure monitor will come with a standard cuff, but it may require replacement at some point in time. In some cases, the standard blood pressure cuff may not fit properly, which can result in discomfort during readings or affect the accuracy of results. Replacement cuffs come in different sizes, allowing you to find a larger or smaller cuff to improve the performance of your machine if you are having trouble with the cuff that the manufacturer included. Over time, standard cuffs may suffer wear and tear. Their Velcro closures may no longer hold as firmly, or they may no longer fit properly due to damage. In these instances, a replacement cuff allows a monitor to work like new again.

Selecting the Right Replacement Cuff

Some blood pressure monitor replacement cuffs are made specifically for one particular monitor, while others are universal designs that work with any monitor. The product descriptions can help you determine whether a particular cuff is the right choice for your monitor. Sizing information is also provided in the product descriptions for your convenience.

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