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Blood pressure monitors

Regularly check your blood pressure between doctor's appointments with your own blood pressure monitor as part of preventive health care. When shopping for a home blood pressure monitor, you can first decide whether you want one with a manually inflated cuff or one that inflates automatically. There are also wrist blood pressure monitors in addition to classic arm blood pressure monitors. Browse these home medical supplies and equipment from brands such as Zewa, LifeSource and Omron.

Different functions and types

Traditional cuff and stethoscope home blood pressure monitors can give you an accurate reading, like at the doctor's office, when used correctly. If you're not familiar with how to use these devices, you can go with a digital blood pressure monitor that's also ideal for the hard of hearing, since you don't have to listen for your heart beat. No matter which type of blood pressure monitor you choose, it's important to use the right cuff size to ensure accurate results.

For your health

You can find additional health information about high blood pressure here at Walgreens.com, as well as other products for preventive care. We carry an assortment of vitamins for your well-being and supplements for heart health. Our home medical supplies and equipment include medical nutrition options as well as daily living aids such as mobility aids, stools and personal care aids.