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Blue Eyeshadow

Step away from neutral tones and let your eyes make a bold statement with vibrant blue eyeshadow. Always unique, blue eyeshadow is the perfect resource for creating your own signature look or to stand out at special occasions. Classic blue powder eyeshadow allows you to easily build layers of color for just the right amount of pop. Try blue cream eyeshadow for long-lasting wear without the risk of creases or smudging.

Layers of color

Change your eye makeup look from time to time for a fresh start or a new season. Choose a bold color palette, like blue, for a great way to find your next signature look. Eyeshadow palettes utilize several expertly matched shades to create a custom look to complement your eye shape and color. Start by applying darker hues near your lash line, and build color up towards your browline, using the lightest color as a highlighting tool.